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Of Hot Spots and Little Things

It’s the little things in life, or so they say. It’s probably because little things have huge impacts. Impacts on us, the people in our lives, people beyond our circles, the environment. Really, the universe itself.

So, in the spirit of huge impacts, I thought I’d share with you some of my little things:

  • A decadent piece of chocolate.
  • A warm embrace.
  • A subtle breeze.
  • A breath of fresh air.
  • A liberating sneeze.
  • A heartwarming chat.
  • A glance at the sky.
  • An encounter with a bug.
  • A sip of cool water.
  • A good back-scratch.
  • An unexpected recycling bin.
  • A contemplation on a single blade of grass swaying in the wind.
  • A good snuggle.
  • A hot spot on heated floors.

The list goes on and on. And I’m sure yours does to.

But this is a little post about little things.

So, tell me, what are some of your little things?


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Self in an Ancient Monogram

Maya's Monogram

Maya's Monogram


My name is Maya.

When I was nine, I discovered that I could write my name inside the letter “M”. I would scribble it in my notebook and draw it with markers. My very own monogram. A veritable insignia. That never got used. It became a little memento of my past, a visual rendition of my name that got buried under old book reports and other elementary school paraphernalia.

Two years later, I decided it was time to change my name. It was not so much a change so much as a series of generic appellations that gave me a feeling of ownership over my individuality.

Today, I am enamored by the name chosen my parents, the name that is so linguistically similar and yet anthropologically diverse the world over. Universally, my name is a thick froth of milky sonorants, broken up just right to allow each sound to be digested. But, it is on the micro level that my name is a rich medley of mythology and religion and languages and cultures. This melange is like my own personal encyclopedia of self, a source of self-history that is integrally intertwined with the present me, and a unique complement to my self-discoveries in my enduring search for self truth.

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