Somewhere in the chasm between imagination and reality, there is a little place I like to call home. It’s a place where the line between the illusory and the tangible blur, where I can explore the world through my own prism, where I can make the most of each moment, and where I can write my own story.

My mission is to cast myself into the mind of maya to unearth my passions, my strengths, my mission, and my version of life, while inspiring others to discover the colors of their own lives.

Behind the Scenes
For 17 years, I lived on the east coast of the U.S. in a picturesque suburban bubble. For university, I ventured across the border and sojourned in Montreal, Canada where I fell in love with liberal-minded city life. After completing my BA in linguistics (a new-found passion),  I crossed the Atlantic and planted myself in a little town called Tel Aviv. I didn’t know how long it would last, but nearly three years later, after a little settling in and a fortuitous meeting with just the right guy, I’m still here.
Today, I try to relish the momentary blip that is my life on the cosmic radar. During my waking hours, I dedicate my time to experimenting with food, gardening, watching inspiring shows, studying for exams, spending time with quality people, trying to figure out how to make the world a better place, reading with purpose, translating and editing, beading, and  all-around good clean livin’. However, when I close my eyes, I let my mind travel along the path of uncertainty, toying with philosophy, religion, hopes, ingrained beliefs, desires, imagination, and dreams.
My hope is to find the point where the reality of my waking hours meets the imagination of my sleep to carve out my life story and to inspire others to do the same.