First Things Last or Last Things First

We’re in the 11th hour. Everyone’s hurrying to formulate those last minute New Year’s resolutions: “Lose 10 pounds”…”Learn to cook”…”Save money”…”Make money”…”Learn a new hobby”…”Keep this year’s New Year’s resolutions.”

Enough’s been said about trite and, quite frankly, pointless New Year’s resolutions. Personally, every day I seek to learn new things. I don’t consider that a resolution, and I don’t really intend to contrive any. Nonetheless, I do believe in starting off the New Year on the right foot. But rather than setting out with self-destructing promises, I prefer to end off the Gregorian year with accomplishments and achievements: Rather than trying to make amends for a miserable failure of a year – which is what the cliché resolution seems to imply, I prefer to perpetuate the positive aspects of 2010 and bring them along into 2011.

December 31, 2010
Maya’s list of firsts and other encouraging successes

  1. woke up at 6:45 → SUCCESS
  2. did not buy sweet coffee frap (Ice Kafe) → SUCCESS
  3. baited a brobdingnagian fly in my tea → FIRST
  4. navigated around the center of tel aviv without the help of a gps → FIRST
  5. spent less than 5 minutes in a grocery store → SUCCESS
  6. napped for 15 minutes (not 2 hours!) → FIRST (in recent past)
  7. cooked with sweet white wine → FIRST
  8. used baking soda to neutralize compost stench → FIRST
  9. cleaned floor with vinegar → FIRST
  10. scrubbed clean an oil-caked pan with baking soda → FIRST

Personal growth is contingent on recognizing our successes and failures, which are themselves contingent on doing firsts and aiming for continued successes. This exercise is something that should be done not just once a year, but everyday.

I would love to know: What’s on your list of December 31st FIRSTS?



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2 responses to “First Things Last or Last Things First

  1. zhuanzhuan

    Happy new year and Wish you succees!

  2. fernando

    I didn’t finish my entire dinner in 3 minutes. in fact I didn’t even finish it. – FIRST.

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